Hi loves!


I had the chance to collaborate with multiple designers to create a printable bundle with OVER 100 PRINTABLE SHEETS!

Even more amazing is the price of this bundle! It is $23 and you get 101 printable sheets of stickers, planner covers, dashboards and other planner goodies! That is approximately 22 CENTS PER SHEET! We calculated the discount this bundle gives you and it’s an amazing 87% OFF!

This bundle is an exclusive event. It starts today and ends on November 7th at 11:59 PM PST. Once the sale ends you will not be able to purchase this bundle!

Here’s the link so you can see what is included: https://inkandwink.com/holiday/ref/96/

You can also purchase the bundle from this link!

holiday bundle 16 collage frosty mix.jpg

This bundle has printable stickers, planner covers, planner inserts, planner dashboards and much more! Each file comes in a PDF and in JPEG format so you can use the file that best suits your need! Also, some files will also come with a Silhouette cut file to help make it easier for you to print and cut using your Silhouette!

Here are the printables that I contributed to this bundle:


There is also a BONUS BUNDLE that you will be able to buy after you buy the holiday bundle. The bonus bundle has more printables that you will love! This is the bonus bundle printable I contributed!


I’m sure you have some questions regarding this bundle. I’ve listed below links that might provide answers to some of your questions! If you have any further questions you can always e-mail me at missplans@gmail.com or reach out to me on Instagram @missplans.

FAQ Resources:


Q: How can I use the printable file if the sticker size doesn’t fit my planner?

A: Here’s a video explaining how to resize printable stickers using Silhouette Studio: https://inkandwink.com/courses/resizing-stickers-using-silhouette-software/

Q: While purchasing the bundle I have an issue checking out or I have some technical issues. What do I do?

A: Please e-mail me at missplans@gmail.com and if you’d like you can reach me on my Instagram @missplans.

Q: I have a question that isn’t answered here?

A: Comment on this post or as mentioned, e-mail me at missplans@gmail.com or reach me on my Instagram @missplans.

Again the link to buy the bundle is: https://inkandwink.com/holiday/ref/96/

Q: Where do I buy sticker paper to print my printables?

A: There are a bunch of options available. You can get matte or glossy sticker paper. The cheapest one you can buy is the DigiOrange Matte Sticker Paper. If you are planning to buy sticker papers in stores you can get the Avery Matte Sticker paper at Walmart or Office Depot or other office supply stores. If you want to buy a variety of sticker of paper you can buy them from OnlineLabels.com and these are a bit more expensive but many people love them!

I hope you guys really love this bundle and please tag me on Instagram with how you use this printables, whether it’s a planner spread or a planner set-up or whatever your creative mind comes up with!

I can’t wait to see you all make this bundle come to life!





Sticker Spotlight – Scribble Prints Co

Hi loves,

This week’s Etsy shop is Scribble Prints Co. The shop is run by Andrea.

Here is the link to her Etsy shop: http://etsy.com/shop/scribbleprintsco

Now on to the sticker haul! I bought these stickers during the grab bag/ misfit sale that Andrea had in October I believe. The bag was $10 USD and it came with 5 sticker sheets. Here they are!


The cuts for most of the stickers were perfect. The only other imperfection was a stain on one of the ombre boxes but other than that all the stickers were still good to use.


Sticker finish: The stickers are all  glossy and I absolutely love them! You can write on them with a Sharpie fine point marker/ pen.

Colour: The colours are beautifully vibrant and just look amazing!

Sticker Cut: The stickers are cut perfectly (for the most part but this was a misfit product) and they peel perfectly as well!

Overall: I love Scribble Prints Co and so do many people in the planner community. The stickers are amazing quality and I love the variety of functional and decorative stickers she has!

I hope you enjoyed this spotlight and let me know if you have any questions! Please check out Andrea’s shop!

Here are all of the links:


Scribble Prints Co Etsy: http://etsy.com/shop/scribbleprintsco

Andrea also has a youtube channel if you want to check her out!

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/AndreaMarieYT



My Etsy Shop – Missplans Printables

Hi loves,

After much deliberation I’ve decided to open my own printable Etsy shop!

Etsy Shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/missplansprintables

I have a coupon code for 15% off in my shop! Use the code GRANDOPENING at checkout to get your discount!

You can also check out my Instagram (@missplans) for a GIVEAWAY that I am hosting right now!

Currently my shop has the following kits for you to purchase:


You can also purchase these functional stickers in my shop:

I hope you’ll check out my shop!

Thank you for all of your support!




Sticker Spotlight – Oh Hello Stationery Co

Hi loves,

I will be starting a sticker spotlight segment on my blog. I want to share my thoughts and different shops with you all.

This week’s Etsy shop is Oh Hello Stationery Co. The shop is run by Kayla and her fiance Alex.

They have recently opened up their own website as well. The difference between the Etsy shop and their website is that the prices of stickers are lower on their website and they also have more variety of products. The products range from stickers to sticker books to other stationary related items. The website also has a rewards system where you can collect points and get rewards after you have collected a specific number of points. I think it’s a great way to give back to their customers.

Here’s my referral link if you want to check it out! You can get $5 off your first purchase if you go through this link.

Oh Hello Stationery Co Website: http://ohhelloco.com/

Now on to the sticker haul. So I had two orders from this shop. One was the October SubscritionBox and another was just a few sheets I wanted to try out. On the left is my regular order and on the right is the October Subscription box (please forgive the poor image quality).

DSC06625 DSC06652

Here are the stickers in my October Subscription Box. The cost was $ 15 USD for 5 sticker sheets. The sheets were all glossy. It comes with half boxes, appointment labels, full box & washi pack, clip art sheet and a fall bucket list sheet.

DSC06647 DSC06648 DSC06649                                           DSC06650 DSC06651

Here are the stickers from my other order! There was a small freebie in my order which I think is a great way to try other stickers from the shop!

DSC06629  DSC06632 DSC06633                           DSC06636DSC06630


Sticker finish: The stickers are all  glossy and they have recently released a few matte stickers on their website if you are interested!

Colour: The colours are beautifully vibrant and have a great pay off!

Sticker Cut: The stickers are cut perfectly and they peel perfectly as well!

Overall: I love the uniqueness and quality of these stickers. I would definitely recommend buying them if you are interested!

I hope you enjoyed this spotlight and let me know if you have any questions! Please check out Kayla’s shop!

Here are all of the links:

Oh Hello Stationery Co Website: http://ohhelloco.com/

Oh Hello Stationery Co Etsy Shop: https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/OhHelloStationeryCo

Kayla also has a blog and a youtube channel if you want to check her out!

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/UnderTheMicroscope22

Blog: http://www.microscopebeauty.com/